>Utter Guilt…..

>I just had to give the kittens their second five-way shot.

And a de-wormer.


Sub-Q, on the 5-way, if you were curious.

Elfie held them (with a leather glove and a towel) and I used the needles.

Sano fought like a demon the whole time, Baal figured out he couldn’t win and held still…but neither were happy about it.

I think they love us, again, thanks to gushy food and some play…but if I don’t post again, they were only biding their time.


2 thoughts on “>Utter Guilt…..”

  1. >Oh dear. Kitties hate shots. :-(Poor kitties. But I know they love you again. My kitties have suffered countless indignities at my hands, and they haven’t killed me yet.If they develop thumbs, however, I’m in serious trouble.

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