Not Special Enough

Everyone knows about the two lesbian bloggers that turned out to be middle-aged straight white males, right?

And I’m guessing a decent number heard about the Canadians who are raising their youngest kid without letting anyone know his sex, right?

Well, NPR did a thing on “does gender matter”– at one point, they quoted a very long and convoluted mish-mash from a woman that boiled down to “I’m a happily married mother of one boy, and we’re all white!”  (She would clearly have never said it that way, but when you removed all the “self-identified” or “spiritually resonating” or other similar ways of saying “I’m not, but I like to think it,” that’s what was left.)  I think they said the woman’s thing was that there are more than two genders.  (Their abuse of the language.  Even my she-woman man hater English teacher would snap that words have gender, people have sex.)

*drags herself back to the subject*

Anyways… notice a common theme?  I mean, other than probable religious and/or political beliefs?

They’re all– le gasp!– pretty normal.  There’s nothing amazing about themselves, so they made it up.  Kind of like becoming a goth because it’s more “cool,” or whatever the heck the psudo-geeks that do it to be “cool” are called. (Sorry, not up on the slang.  I just notice a large number of perfectly normal kids that are taking on the trappings of geekdom because they occasionally play console games and use social networking…not that they’d be caught dead doing something as socially questionable as playing a pen and paper, or world-building.  This is like deciding you’re a hobby mechanic because you can change a flat tire and know how to drive.)


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