Basic Decency? What’s That?

Mostly a repost, triggered by this American Spectator article about the habits of some ATVers.


These pictures are from the land where my folks are going to run cattle. In 10 years of running the cattle up there, I have never seen a mud hole bigger than a cow pat, or damage more than what a falling tree can cause. The cows have little impact.

Then some stupid city people come down and carve out a mud hole bigger than my apartment, with their “mudbogging” fun. They destroyed this spring. It’s one of three that we use to water the cattle.

Can you see why I get upset when those idiots then try to get rid of ranchers because we “ruin the natural beauty”?

I hope their tires fall off.


6 thoughts on “Basic Decency? What’s That?”

  1. Other peoples' money, I'd bet.

    Might be my own bias, there, though– I hate to think that folks “mature” enough to function in a real job would do this kind of thing. I suspect it's true, but….

  2. it ass-hats like these that require govts to pass regulations against hunters using ATVs to get from mountain side to mountain side.

    but its not the hunters that would do this, but everybody gets the bad rap.


  3. Yep– same as the trail bikers that… um… relieve themselves in the middle of the trail because human…fewments… are too high impact on the environment.

  4. That's sickening. You can make a mudhole in your own backyard, if mud be your desire. You don't have to go way far out and mess up somebody else's land and livelihood.

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