Operation Valour-IT

It’s that time of year, again; a bit of “friendly*” rivalry, all for a good cause– helping those who fell but didn’t stay down get going at full speed.

For me, Go Navy!  Also for all the shipmates Elf and I knew and loved, and just about ever male in Elf’s family for the last…um… century and a half?  Plus half of my uncles.

For my dear Elf, the Air Force.

For Wollf, and my young Cousin the Barbarian, USMC.  (I probably haven’t mentioned the Barbarian here… he’s just graduated, and signed up.  Proud enough to pop buttons, I am, and only partly because he listened to us about getting a specific job.)  LMA is also on the Marine team.

Army!  For dad, most of the rest of my uncles, both of my grandfathers, Doc Roberts, John and his Honorable Daughter.

If there are just too many choices and you don’t want to choose just one, you can give without preference.

If, like so many, you’re just don’t have anything to spare, can you please pass on the word and say a prayer or two?

*Hey, it’s friendly– we’ll instantly drop a fight between us if there’s any attack!


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