Another ABB Post

Pretty quick– one, Suburban Banshee dropped by.  She thinks this smells funky, too– or rather, it doesn’t read right in the case of the “manifesto.”

She’s got a lot of good comments on the prior post, here’s a sample with an interesting theory:

This guy’s creepy. But I don’t like the smell of it. He’s obviously guilty, but who else was he working with? And yeah, it’s not always sound to blame all destabilization of North Sea nations on Putin; but bad things happen there, kinda magically. And if you have to make a bet, people suddenly going off and getting trained in secret was a KGB thing before it was an Al-Qaeda thing. And yeah, Putin’s old outfit was really interested in making use of unstable economic and political situations. So there’s my WAG (wild donkey guess).


3 thoughts on “Another ABB Post”

  1. My paranoia kung fu is the best!

    Somebody finally did see something genuinely kooky by the guy. He said it would be a great plan to get WMDs from jihad groups by offering to do hideous crimes (especially to kids) to prove your group's bonafides.

    So he may have met somebody whose line of BS he wanted to buy, and this is his attempt at a quid pro quo. Or maybe it's just his idea for the Great Norwegian Screenplay.

  2. There are some news articles out now that summarize his stupid “blogging” of his plan.

    The most depressing parts were about his “organic farm”. Reading between the lines, he apparently inadvertently did everything he could to seem like a meth lab (though actually it was an explosives lab), but the police never actually got a warrant to check out the place (probably because it didn't have that meth lab smell). I don't think he ever realized that's what the police thought he was doing, either.

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