Norway Shooter’s Name

…how common is it?  Did a time-limited news search (since the date search only brings back left-wing blogs that are supposedly from the 70s….) and found that there’s several similar names and… some sort of tax/income site for “Anders Behring Breivik” of 0275 Oslo?

I know that there’s been a lot of attention to the very new Twitter and Facebook profiles with the guy’s name– frankly, I have to wonder why anyone wants to believe what a mass murdering crazy set up as his public image in the late planning stage before attacks.

Some sort of 9/11 truther site comes up for “Anders Behring Breivik,” but I can’t make heads or tails of it in auto-translate; had a document/list of comments associated with his full-name handle on the sidebar (autotranslate).

Removed an example of a similar name; while not being totally common, it’s not related, and apparently the poor fellow is getting a lot of trouble for it.


4 thoughts on “Norway Shooter’s Name”

  1. It seems that the guy may have had a small computer business right out of school, then took off for a year to play nothing but World of Warcraft in 2004. He apparently played off and on, disappeared from WoW for 9 or 10 months while setting up his “geofarm”, then came back in summer of 2010, made a new character and maxed it out.

    His old guild members say that he apparently used to claim he was going to become a political analyst.

    This guy's creepy. But I don't like the smell of it. He's obviously guilty, but who else was he working with? And yeah, it's not always sound to blame all destabilization of North Sea nations on Putin; but bad things happen there, kinda magically. And if you have to make a bet, people suddenly going off and getting trained in secret was a KGB thing before it was an Al-Qaeda thing. And yeah, Putin's old outfit was really interested in making use of unstable economic and political situations. So there's my WAG (wild donkey guess).

  2. And of course the good ol' KGB way included providing false-flag “help” and “encouragement” to people of rival political groups, in the hope that they'd make exploitable trouble. So even if the guy thought he was some kind of European rightist, my WAG might still apply.

  3. Somebody has up a “manifesto” allegedly posted by the shooter. It starts out with the guy apparently claiming to be a Templar (which in a non-authentic way he might be, since some Masonic offshoot organizations claim to be Templars and he was apparently allowed to join the Masons).

    This guy's such a huge twit. Even his killing method was basically stupid, although it did work.

  4. *morbid humor* See? Video games make you violent. *end morbid humor*

    I heard the “manifesto” was from the new facebook page, so nice big salt-block involved.

    Good point about KGB– and Russia has been flexing its arms again. (Even if a lot of the propaganda I can't tell from parody…did they really stage a bear-fight? Are those shirtless photos edited?)

    Heck, I only found out yesterday that Terry Nichols (McVeigh's associate) apparently had connections to the Muslim extremists in the PI through his wife. You'd think that would have been a BIT relevant during the terrorism briefings!

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