Note On Children:

They can kill your love of quiet, because “quiet” means “they are doing something.”  

Sometimes it’s something that has them focused; sometimes it’s something they don’t want you to know they’re doing.

4 thoughts on “Note On Children:”

  1. just as bad: calm, accompanied with periodic giggling.

    like the day my yr old son discovered what a full bottle of vegatable oil can do for you when its poured all over the kitchen floor.

    what a mess, a mess for days…


    (if he was a couple yrs older, he would have discovered what my foot can do when its poured all over his azz)

  2. Too true! Her changing table is a favorite target, what with diaper powder, ointment and wipes, added to her ability to find ways around every blocking method I've tried.

    (I'm amused by the child psychologists that try to tell us kids Kit's age don't understand that they're not supposed to do something. She starts crying before we even figure out what she's done half the time– sometimes before I even see her!)

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