Asking The Flash for Help

because you know him!

Score one for superheroes.

The levels of adorable are just incredible.


4 thoughts on “Asking The Flash for Help”

  1. They are making an Avengers movie. One wonders if a Justice League movie will ever be made. Computer graphics has caught up with comics and I predict that within 20 years, comics will become full animation and no paper (okay, we will have elctronic paper). Unfortunately, I really don't trust either Hollywood or DC to even understand what comics are about, anymore (except for Bruce Timm, the animator).

    Was this at San Diego Comic-con?

    The Chicken

  2. I know what you mean about the comics– DC's latest game seems to have the idea, but I'm rather cautious about trusting mass media these days. >.< Apparently it's from before this years ComiCon– I'd guess it's the 2010 one, or earlier. Only news I know about this years SDCC is that a really outstanding Maxim the Jaeger cosplayer got engaged at the Girl Genius stand, and it made the local news. ^.^

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