From The Comments Over At Coyote’s Place

Russ R, Warren Buffet pays a lower overall tax rate because of the complicated structuring he uses to manage his various investments. He takes no W-2 income out of Berkshire so he avoids withholding at appropriate bracket rates. His income flows from his highly structured investments in the form of capital gains, taxed at a lower rate. He could easily remedy the variance by collapsing the structures and taking ordinary income from his investments. I suspect Warren’s tax the rich mantra has more to do with preventing his younger competitors from gaining the critical mass of wealth necessary to dominate and move markets. Warren and Soros are alike in that way.



2 thoughts on “From The Comments Over At Coyote’s Place”

  1. but buffet has better PR. everybody likes him, like he some sort of folk hero, on par with Bill Gates.

    but gates has actually created something.


  2. Yep.

    Annoys me how willing folks are to jump on board with big names. (Me, it took a while to get that the “Buffet” folks were talking about wasn't the Margaritaville guy…. Problem with using only one name!)

    Although it was funny… A cousin made a remark about how nobody was going to get out of business because of extra regulations, a few days after Soros announced that he was going to stop managing non-family members' money, just before he'd have to start disclosing what he does!

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