BS Detector PSA

If the headline “Boeing Paid More For CEO Than Federal Taxes”– let alone the spin “Boeing Paid More To CEO Than Taxes”– did not set off your BS detector, it is broken.

Seriously.  Come on.  I’m not sure if this is worse than the “aliens could invade and kill us because we’re causing global warming” suggestion; it’s probably worse than the “aliens did it” theory of life on earth.  (Yes, they’ve both been seriously suggested.  The second one is, believe it or not, considered an alternative to “intelligent design.”)

I’m sure that it can be forced into being technically true– say, Boeing overpaid last year, looking only at taxes paid at the end of the year (as opposed to deductions through the year), government deals where Boeing does X, Y and Z rather than paying taxes directly, finding one line in some paperwork that says “taxes paid”, looking at only a section of Boeing instead of the entire company, etc.  Possibly several of these, and some more that I haven’t thought of, to make it technically true.  Same way that it’s technically true that I’ve got a lot of ancestors who are Mormon…according to the Mormon belief of post-death baptism.  (Came to mind because of some genealogy research a relative did.)  Same way the Obama kids are Muslims.  (A male ancestor was Muslim, so they are as well.  *eyeroll*)

Doesn’t make it any less bull feces.  (Go.  Listen. Baxter Black is awesome.)


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