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Off topic:
things may be a bit odd, Kaboodle showed up early.  She is healthy and darling, her sister is being a doll, but obviously there’s going to be major effects on my blogging quality and time. (Even with Elf having time to stay home next week, adjusting is always complicated, and the mental effects of the hormones, sleep interruptions and pain meds are kinda funky.)
 Not going to touch the pre-programmed posts, since I might “fix” them into oblivion.  Be well, all!


3 thoughts on “Related Posts”

  1. “Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh.”
    ~ Ian McShane, as Al Swearengen, in “Deadwood”

    He does have a sense of humor, doesn't he?

    Congratulations. Be well. :-)

  2. Paul-
    I had the proverb that quote is a rephrasing of going 'round my head last night- I want to say it's Russian? “Man plans; God laughs.” (Google says it's Yiddish— not sure if that means I misremembered, or that it came from multiple vectors. (I do remember “trust in God but keep rowing” was also quoted as Russian to me, and it shares a worldview….)

    thank you, and they surely are! I can't believe how utterly lucky I am to have Elf, and it's humbling how little I deserve him.

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