A Decade Later.

So much is different.

As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t see anything for over a week– I was in bootcamp at the time.  Our youngest instructor snuck in a VHS tape of one of the news stations doing a week in review.  The head instructor didn’t want us to be told about it at all, and tried to chew out the girl that saw it on the news when she was at medical.  (Yes, he was rather psycho. Even tried to pull the lame “you were all specially selected” bad family movie trick at the start of camp, complete with the ‘big reveal’ on the last night….)

I didn’t read anything about it until October, when one of the security guys left a newspaper in the galley. (Got chewed out for that.  Don’t regret it.  Only remember reading about how the Catholic Church in the area had somehow escaped without being destroyed, full of praying people.)

Now, I’m out, I’m married, I’m a mother– the newest was due on 9/11, even.  (I’m writing this ahead of time, since I will probably still be on drugs and might even still be in the hospital on the 11th.  Hope not, since that will mean Something Went Wrong.)

My baby brother is a SEAL watcher.  (Alright, alright, “support.”)  My entire family has internalized things I never thought of– watching to see if someone seems oddly nervous, thinking twice about following ANY regular route on a regular schedule.  Now we have disaster kits that include “psychos trying to Make A Statement” in the consideration.  We consider “what if I have to defend my family?” at random times, and consider the defensive possibilities of places we visit.  As a kid, I never considered the best way to kill someone that might try to kill me– the notion was just foreign.

“Post 9/11” has been my entire adult life.  My daughter won’t know a world where her parents don’t include tactics in people watching.  (People watching is a family tradition with my folks, it’s just now a bit more serious.)

Prayers going out for those who died, and those who were left.  God bless us all.


7 thoughts on “A Decade Later.”

  1. Congratulations on number two. Hope the labor goes as easily as possible (someday, maybe deliver will be done by teleporters :) )

    The Chicken

  2. Given that people at boot camp might kinda need to know that there's a war on… what was this guy planning to do if there had been further attacks, say, on the base? A car bomb can ruin your recruits' whole day.

    Good luck and all our prayers for you and Baby Deuce and your husband.

  3. I don't think he really thought much, other than ho we' make him look.

    Given that most of us had military relatives, real jerk move.

    Guy across the hall, his mom's family had a restaurant in one of the towers. She happened to be out when it happened, but other than that, the whole side of the family was gone, from grandma on down.
    Navy offered him an auto-discharge, honorable, keep his signing and education fund…he turned them down, asked instead if there was a way he could make the funerals and graduate with his division.

    He did.

  4. TMC-
    Thank you.

    About two hours after your comment, I was in the car on the way to deliver our little bundle– it went a LOT easier than the time before! (As evidenced by the fact that I can actually move and think enough to type by this point.)

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