An Essay

I really hope you will read it; I can’t sum up my point, and I can’t do it justice in summary, but I think it helps clarify the current situation of flash-mobs, the Greek, French and English riots, and so on.  (Published in ’03.)

Yes, an essay that starts out being about some standard grimdark of the darkgrim fantasy and how they throw their shoulders out patting themselves on the back for being so “authentic” is relevant to current social unrest.  No, I haven’t had a lot of sleep lately, but I don’t think that being punchy is the cause of the connection.

Better yet, it has a solution.  Not an panacea, more of a… tactic.  A goal.  An idea.

First encountered the author online under the nom that he gives this tactic– Superversive.

Thanks to Mr. Wright, who linked several of the gentleman’s essays, including the Superversive one– I didn’t know Mr. Simon had a non-LJ website.


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