Introducing The Duchess

A few days after we got home from the hospital, while she was catching some reflected rays.  The temps were in the 80s, for those who are worried because the baby isn’t wrapped up. *grin*

Also, we discovered last night that she’s scared of the dark.  I didn’t know you could be scared of the dark this early in life….  (Explains why she sleeps so well during the day, and while I’m reading in bed, but keeps waking up when I turn off the light to sleep!)


9 thoughts on “Introducing The Duchess”

  1. Somehow, Elf and I have produced two utter hams.

    No idea how it happened– the older girl is even a smart-alek before she can talk! (“DO NOT TOUCH THE CAT!” *girl picks up towel, puts it over her hand, goes back to harassing the cat.*)

  2. Given the option, I'm a morning person– I greatly miss having a life where I can go to sleep just after dark and wake up early enough to start actually doing stuff when the sun rises. In high school, I voluntarily got up by 5AM every morning so I could be showered and get computer time in before anyone else woke up.

    My darling Elf, on the other hand, would be 100% nocturnal if he had an option. Kit seems to take after me, while Duchess takes after her dad. (As much as we can figure on taking after ANYONE when you're not even a month old.)

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