Conversation Of The Day:

musing on “fresh prunes” and “dried plums”– both available at Costco!

Isn’t my life exciting? ;^)


6 thoughts on “Conversation Of The Day:”

  1. “fresh” means whatever the USDA says it does, and not what we think it does. lol


  2. If you're bored you could buy the dried plums, then take them back – “Sorry, I meant to buy fresh prunes; Can I exchange these?” Or you could ask for dried prunes.

  3. They really are fresh, though… not even ripe yet, thank goodness. (means I can sort through them, group by degree of ripeness– some are hardly even purple!– and we've got two weeks of good snacking, instead of three days of gorging followed by waste)

    Somehow, though, I don't think the ladies at Costco would be as amused as I was!

  4. Because you can't make cheese just by any old curdling. You want the milk creating curds in a desirable way, without having the milk spoiling at the same time. (Hence the importance of making and keeping cheeses in a cool place.)

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