New Google Reader-

Is ugly and keeps losing posts that I very carefully clicked “do not mark as read” on.

Also, it manages to be slower.

Anybody got a better suggestion?

So far, the only upside is that I found out that Windows Live Mail had subscribed me to MSNBC, so I could delete that.

Hey!  It’s trying to balance out the whole “losing posts I clicked save” on thing by saving posts I already read!!!!!


3 thoughts on “New Google Reader-”

  1. I have a Mac and I use NetNewsWire.

    It is almost as if new blogs are emails.

    It is awesome, but it causes me to follow EVERYTHING, and I feel like I lose a little of the “personal” feeling of blog reading that I used to have with Bookmarks, Blog rolls, and the like.

  2. I think the changes make it harder to use, but I can't say for sure until it runs for more than two minutes without something unexpected occurring.

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