Sincere Ad, or Trick?

Tooling along, in silence because it’s impossible to listen to the radio right now– every commercial break there’s an anti-1183 ad, followed either by the opposition’s ad or the very same ad again.

1183 is the proposal to get the state gov’t out of the business side of selling hard alcohol. I support it, not the least because it’d be nice to not have the state wasting so much fuel to bring EVERYTHING through Seattle. I don’t see how anyone can not be infuriated to know that trucks of liquor drive all the way across the state… in to Seattle… offload at the LCB’s distribution center… and then they can be sent to individual stores, including those that they drove past some 300 miles back.
A digression: when we were in Spokane, the liquor store was always worried that they’d run out of product because of the passes being bad.  The manager/main desk guy knew that if folks got mad enough to drive the ten-twenty miles to the Idaho store, he’d lose a lot of business.  I’m highly amused about what I’ve observed in the liquor tax– it’s regressive, and massively so.  All the folks with money buy massive amounts of liquor when they’re in states where it’s less expensive– I’m talking a case or two of each item in their bar.  Lower middle class and down, two gallons of one type is a massive amount.

Here’s the ad that I’m wondering about:

Do it for the children!

It was on a rather libertarian page.

Dang, I hope our state isn’t dumb enough to fall for that.  Not much confidence, but I can hope.  Maybe the really obvious and open lies the no campaign has been telling will annoy folks into voting yes, who knows.


5 thoughts on “Sincere Ad, or Trick?”

  1. 1/3 of washington comes from california anyway.they could always have friends and family drive up some booze when they visit.

  2. I'm part of that third, and our Cali family hasn't managed to drive up to visit in the last 15 years.
    (Saving my Grandma and Doc Roberts, both of whom are sadly passed on and neither of whom I could've asked to buy booze for me! Grandma would've just brought scotch, anyway, and I'm not that tough….)

    Those times that I've driven down to visit, the trip takes all the cash that I have!

  3. my daughter is in town this week, and i think she already grabbed a few bottles of jack to take home. i told grab a few cases and sell them to her friends at a profit. (she's not a big drinker, but she likes her jack and coke when chilling on the weekends.)

  4. I just wish one of these privatization initiatives could get to the ballot without some sort of ridiculous rider on it that makes otherwise sympathetic voters less inclined to support it (e.g., the 10,000 sq. ft. thing, this time around.)

    I almost hope it loses, but by a really narrow margin, so that privatization per se remains a viable issue. But seriously, 1183 is a long way from perfect. It's barely even good.

    (I did vote for it myself, though.)

  5. At least I understand why they had that stupid rule– it's to counter the attack that was so effective last time, that– *gasp* *fear* MINIMARTS would be able to SELL BOOZE!!!! (besides the beer and wine they already carry, that is; 'cus there's a total difference between a 24 pack that will get you dead drunk and a bottle that's the same price to get you dead drunk….)

    I hope it wins, but just barely.

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