Big Freakin’ Cluebat Announcement.


“WASP” means “white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant.”

Hi, I’m Foxy.  I’m Catholic.  Not especially good, as is normal for Catholics and anyone else that has decent levels of behavior, but Catholic.

I also, by the measures put forward by various race-obsessed groups (like that Famous Woman I’m Supposed To Remember a few months back who’s suing for full custody because she considers herself black, so her husband is a different race than their son), am not even white– I’ve got an Indian ancestress back there either four or five generations, Grampa died before I could be curious about such things so I don’t know his mom’s background, beyond “really obviously an Indian lady.”
  That my skin shouts my Scotch-Irish background is no nevermind.  Germanic, sure, and English I’ll gladly agree to– but just those two tribes?  No. WAY.  I’ve too much Celt, for starters, and frankly nobody knows for sure.

I’m white and Christian, and rather cautious at that; if, as most mean when they use it, you’re accusing me of being a “square”?

Guilty and guilty, gladly I’ll admit.

I find no joy in tearing down things just to destroy them, or to satisfy an impulse or moment’s desire.


4 thoughts on “Big Freakin’ Cluebat Announcement.”

  1. Hey! It seems I can comment now. Probably Google fixed their broken OpenID implementation…

    You know, the word WASP was invented by Democrats to try to isolate Republicans from … well … almost everyone. Outside of the Northeast, I don't think it was ever true that most of Republicans were Anglo-Saxon, and I'm not sure it was ever true there. There have always been *lots* of German immigrants.

    The “Protestant” part was before the Democrat-supported sexual revolution caused a lot of Catholics to switch parties. Now Democrats hate Catholics as much as they hate conservative Protestants. Welcome to the party.

  2. I don't think they fixed it, Gino just mentioned that he was able to post on blogs with the pop-up comment format,but not the ones with an embedded comment area.

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