Google Reader

If anyone’s noticed that I haven’t been responding on their sites recently and come to check on me, I’m fine– just can’t stand the new Reader, especially since they removed my frakkin’ share button.

If I wanted to have to make an entirely new blogpost for everything that was interesting, I’d be copying the Commune and be done with it.


6 thoughts on “Google Reader”

  1. I haven't used Google Reader in a year or so… I used a program on my Mac that sucks the feed into an email-like program.

    It makes it nice and neat, except… I tend to follow too many blogs, skim over things I should read, and miss out a lot on the experience of the TOTAL blog that people create. I may go back to doing things the old fashioned way soon.

  2. I travel too much for that to be a good option– and I don't trust computers, to boot. (She says, aware she still has her “favorites” folder from high school somewhere. Nothing like paranoia coupled with a packrat urge.)

    If only I could find some kind of cloud based program for it… oh well.

    For your problem, I'm not sure it's a problem. I subscribe to almost two hundred blogs, and have a couple of additional news aggregate sites that I visit to boot; I don't have ANYTHING like the time for that, so I do a lot of scanning for interesting topics, known good authors, etc. It's a balancing act between respecting others' work, and filtering the information you take in.

  3. Thanks, but no– it doesn't make an RSS feed, which is the point of sharing. ^.^

    I tried to use Tumblr to fix it, but too much of a problem to use.

    Absolutely perfect would be an RSS sharer that's not attached to any program… but eh.

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