Fifteen or Twenty Years Ago….

My uncle was trying to nurture my love of reading, so he gave me a couple of books from a second hand store– one of them was this one:

(sorry the picture isn’t very big)

I was entranced.  I read it until it fell to pieces, read every one of the books I could lay hands on, and I still can recite the poem.  (The little queen all golden…) I still get teary-eyed thinking about the Masterharper’s death.  I moved on to other books of hers, some that I liked, some that I didn’t, and on to other authors…but that book was special, and not just because my favorite uncle wanted me to read it.

I know that the last several years, all the books with her name that I’ve seen have had her son’s name on them as well, and I recently saw a Pern book with only his name.  I knew she was quite old, and probably not in the best of health.

She’s moved on.  Anne McCaffery is dead.  At home, “shortly after a stroke.”

May she rest in peace.


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