"I Know My Rights"

The serious, important version:

Keith Doherty
A few years ago in San Francisco, I met with a South African friend for lunch. We were in a cafe that happened to be directly across from an elementary school. At one point he looked over at the noisy playground, paused, and said: “Those kids over there, they know their rights. They’ll stand up for themselves if they feel they’re being wronged. Where I grew up, kids learn that whoever is holding the gun to them is the one who decides rights.”
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Do not forget this….


One thought on “"I Know My Rights"”

  1. A co-worker, who had come here from Africa, told me the best thing about America was all the rules. I expressed surprise. He said yes, in America we had rules for everything, and that was great; because in Africa there was only one rule: the president gets whatever he wants. That was before we had a TSA. I wonder what he thinks now.

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