From TV Tropes

Text copied and pasted without further comment:

  • Mao Zedong’s quote about China’s ability to survive a nuclear attack:
    “The atomic bomb is nothing to be afraid of. China has millions of people. It cannot be bombed out of existence. If someone else can drop an atomic bomb, I can too. The death of 10 or 20 million people is nothing to be afraid of.”
    • Which was rather savagely subverted by Real Life soon after:
      “A Chinese Officer here once on exchange produced the standard line about how the Chinese could lose 500 million people in a nuclear war and keep going with the survivors. So his hosts got out a demographic map (one that shows population densities rather than topographical data) and got to work with pie-cutters using a few classified tricks – and got virtually the entire population of China using only a small proportion of the US arsenal. The guest stared at the map for a couple of minutes then went and tossed his cookies into the toilet bowl.”

2 thoughts on “From TV Tropes”

  1. yeah, people dont know that China's population is all living on top of each other, and practically nowhere else.

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