Belated Realization-

you know how people complain about modern movies referencing pop culture all the time, rather than “timeless classics”?

Can’t remember what I was doing, but it lead to a chain of thought on how neat it is to figure out the references in old movies or cartoons…and then I realized they were doing exactly what is being held up as a sign that our culture is too shallow.  A lot of what is supposedly so bad about modern culture is old.

Superhero references?  There’s that Bugs Bunny cartoon from WWII where he’s running around in a wool costume with a cape.

“The Simpsons” is mostly a chance for pop culture personalities to show up, all a flash in the pan?  I STILL can’t identify half of the characters that are in various club scenes in the old movies– I only recently found out that the guy who looks like Gomez Adams in the old shows was supposed to be the same guy, not an archetype!

Adults watching cartoons?  Do you think that Snow White got to be a box office hit in the 30s off of only pre-teens?

Random Pop Culture Icon seems bent on destroying basic old fashioned morality?  Flappers, the 40s Hollywood style and the long history of idolizing mobsters all come to mind as examples.

It’s nothing new– we have less of a foundation to chip away at, but it’s not new.  I seem to remember Shakespeare was a pop culture sensation in his day.


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