Trying out Windows Live Writer

With Blogger “updating” to really freaking ugly and counter-intuitive, I thought I’d try the experts in taking good things and “upgrading” them to uselessness. (RIP, window’s express email program… I still miss thee….)


Already see one problem, besides that it pulls in the background from the blog for some unknown reason and is using the middle quarter of the screen: it looks like the “improved” email program.  Which, sadly, is still better than the new gmail interface…..


If you’re going to post any smart-blank remarks about “it’s free!  You shouldn’t complain!”, can it.  It’s not free, they just don’t charge for use.  Google isn’t in the business of giving things away for fun.


On a related note, I’ve signed up for an automatic update when the guy who’s building a replacement of the “share” function for google reader finishes his thing; if it’s good, I’ll recommend it.  As it is, I haven’t used google reader basically since they “fixed” it to force use of google+—haven’t used google+, either.


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