A Thought

Over at Legal Insurrection, the most honorable host noted the practice of declaring acting in a “colorblind” manner as racist.

In my usual charming manner, I pointed out that I’d heard of it a few years earlier– with the ever-readable Mrs. Wright and her run-in with people putting their views in her mouth. (I can’t resist the pun, no matter that she doesn’t go by that name on LJ or professionally. Sorry.)

If you’ve been following my nattering for very long, you’ve probably run into me noting the tendency of liberals to accuse others of what they are doing themselves.

I call that to your mind, I offer this quote from Arhyalon (the afore mentioned Mrs. Wright) a few posts later:

Colorblind: Thinking of other people as just like you without noticing significant differences.

I would also like to point out that one of my complaints about modern, English-language liberals is that they have a disturbing tendency to assume that Christian morality– “all men are your brothers,” meaning they are real people, is a universal human view. Other bits of debased Christianity, but that’s the biggest one, the notion of loving (“brotherly love” type) all humans.

There’s also a habit of assuming that those who simply do not AGREE are evil. If someone had the same basic world view that I do, but came to seriously different conclusions about, say, the right way to respond, they’d be evil; most other cases, they’d be wrong or ignorant. (note: being “wrong” or “ignorant” or any other way of saying your mind ain’t right doesn’t mean I won’t kill you if you threaten my family, it just means that I’ll feel extra bad about it)


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