A Response To The Inspiration For "Being "Poor" and Being Responsible"

Found via here.

Short form: it’s expensive for the poor to live like the rich. If you invest at the start, you can pay less over the long run.*

(Note: I didn’t meet him until several years later. Frankly, I was rather intimidated by him, at first– I got over it.)

Gee, if only there was a place they could go that has everything, from soup to nuts to bolts to cleaning supplies, that had low prices and almost always has a bus stop… With wall to wall savings… call it… wall-to-wall-savings-store…or something….

Honestly, I should do a point-by-point refutation, but it won’t work. Nobody would listen. Never mind that I’ve lived it, and come out of it– there’d always be some out.

My story: I get back stateside, stay with my parents for about…um… a month before it becomes obvious that I NEED to have some space. Plus, local economy suck(s/ed) I looked around and find a one-bedroom place with washer and dryer provided that was in (long) walking distance of both a mall and a couple of general stores, and I had my seabag for big shopping trips. (I did the math and figured out that the extra $10 or so bucks a month was worth it for the washer, since water was included, looking forward to my then future marriage. Depending on what you care about, the math is different. There was also a 7/11 a two-minute walk for impulse buys.)

You’ve got to THINK, you can’t just DO. One of my goals is to someday be able to buy things without thinking about it.

* mildly annoyed they didn’t do a h/t to Terry Pratchett, a lot of his Vimes/Lady Ramkin stuff is made of this trope. Then again, that would require an over-arching sense of…well, having sense.


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