Ah, Anti-Catholic Bias.


After making such scientific observations — at the time underappreciated — Steno got religion.

He became Roman Catholic in 1667 and tossed aside science. In 1675, he became a priest and in 1677 a bishop. He was apostolic vicar of northern Germany and Scandinavia and spent the remainder of his life — which wasn’t that long — doing missionary work. He died at age 48.

Um… I don’t know if I’m more annoyed at the ignorance of the amount of science the Church has promoted, or the notion that becoming a Catholic and a priest is somehow a repudiation of his prior work. I can see how the average LA Times blogger, or Wikipedia editor, may not see how it’s a natural though radical progression… but dang, what flat bias. By the way, he didn’t stop science after becoming a Catholic, and HE PROPOSED SUPERPOSITION AFTER HE WAS CATHOLIC. (1669, while he became Catholic in late ’67. Amusingly, the “dismay” some of his colleagues felt in the 1669 link is because being Catholic meant they couldn’t claim his brilliance. Oops.

Freaking bigots. (Aimed more at now than then.)

Suburban Banshee has another angle.


2 thoughts on “Ah, Anti-Catholic Bias.”

  1. It would be reasonable to say that a scientist who converted and spent the rest of his/her life pursuing religious pursuits had left one world for the other without repudiating the former – this would be a shift only in the relative importance of the topics, rather than a denial that the other had value.

    Now, the way the article puts it is obnoxious – “tossed aside” indeed…

  2. It would be reasonable if that's what happened, anyway….

    *mutters* They're screwing with blogspot, again– I had a lot of paragraph breaks in that thing, now it's all smushed.

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