Toddler Tips

Of course, most of this is YMMV, seen through my balance of priorities. And my girls are spoiled.

*Don’t want to get your kid hooked on brightly colored characters, or just sick of trying to clean the little straw cups? Those big plastic cups for iced coffee work very nice:

*Your toddler keeps taking the baby’s blanket because it’s crazy-soft? Not the normal polar fleece, but that fluffy, furry, super soft ones. Go to the fabric store and choose one that you like, get about two yards and hem the ends. Doesn’t even have to be a good seam, mine looks horrible– and the Princess LOVES it, especially since it’s big enough to snuggle with mom and dad. (you could buy a big, really soft blanket, if you can find one for less than about $20 and it interest your kid…)

* Toddler likes the baby’s car seat toy? Put them next to each other. The toddler can activate the music better than the baby, anyways.

* Toddler songs drive you nuts? Try out Gilbert & Sullivan. Watching “The Backyardigans” with Princess and Duchess, I stared at the TV for a good thirty seconds before freaking out my dear husband by starting to sing the song whose tune they’d…”borrowed”…. (I’ve ribbons and laces to set off the faces of pretty young sweethearts and wives….) If your kids can resist “Three Little Maids” or the Major General’s song, I’m amazed.

* Dry Erase Crayons. AWESOME. They write on glass very well, and come off of walls with a damp cloth. (Wrap in duct tape before giving them to your toddler– they snap rather easily, and it’s easier to hold.)

* Speaking of duct tape– we all know it’s awesome, right? Get some of the colored and/or patterned stuff. It’s handy to put on the feet of chairs to save floors, or to strengthen toddler furniture, or patch much-loved toys, or give too-big balls some grip, or close things. Also patching doll clothes…. (What? It’s hot pink tiger stripes! That’s kinda stylish! And Dolly didn’t complain!)
* Don’t like the stuff they put on kids’ clothes these days? Buy packs of blank shirts or onesies and a pack of fabric pens and/or that gel stuff that comes in those vials that look a bit like eye drop bottles. (Couldn’t find it to link. Very big during the 80s, comes in colors or glitter or glow in the dark, etc.) Also works for baby showers as an activity that doesn’t involve diapers.

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