It Depends

Over at the Darwins’ place they started musing on high-comment posts.

Predictably– and of expected quality for the location– a LOT of suggestions for high-comment topics came up. Nursing, parenting, modesty, sex, traditional Mass, traditional culture, pop icons (in my head: It’s not you I hate, Kardashian….) and Ron Paulitics.
A common thread popped out– it depends. Almost everything was “it depends” type stuff.
Is it OK to nurse during Mass? It depends. You want to do it with love, of course– I don’t know what your church is like. I’ve gone to churches where there are dozens of places that are just fine to nurse in, with a blanket; I’ve gone to churches where you’d have to duck inside of the confessional, and to ones where it was held in a spot where there wasn’t any polite place to nurse. (Last one was on a ship, where there shouldn’t be nursing anyways, but still!)
A lot of stuff depends on context, intention, and who’s there.
Slightly related, one of the topics on a post Paul was mentioned in said this:

Instead, I look at it and wonder how it’ll be used to show I’m a bad person or how I should be forced to do something the media likes. I remember doing those surveys in college and seeing clumsy attempts to ask the same question in different ways. They were clumsy because the different ways of asking the same question changed the meaning of the question, and often I’d answer them differently because of that truthful streak, knowing it would simply get my answer sheet thrown out. This does not encourage me to trust the results I see in the media.


Basically, different ways of asking the question change the question. It takes a LOT of skill to ask a question in different ways without changing the meaning!

Another reason I mention it is that it also has great mention of the first hint I had that there was a geek culture– Fallen Angels. (Thankfully, I never found Mike Flynn‘s blog until after I was past massively embarrassing myself with fangirl enthusiasm. Only took a decade.)
K. Know how annoying it is to have something echo your thoughts? In fiction?

“Because the questions you ask shape the answer you seek,”

And doesn’t THAT just sum up the issue….

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