Pink Ribbon Buying Is ON!

Who knows if it will stick, but…. Komen is breaking off their long lasting partnership with Planned Parenthood, AND (h/t Darwin in the comments for the above link) they’re quietly dropping funding of embryo-destructive research!

To steal an observation, maybe they can redirect the formerly PP-directed grant towards mammograms, maybe some of the mobile ones?

Finally, the #1 pink ribbon group may not be an automatic dis-qualifier for buying stuff! (Of course I’m going to keep an eye out to see if they stick to it.)


8 thoughts on “Pink Ribbon Buying Is ON!”

  1. i didnt know komen was in bed with PP.

    and now i wonder how much of that boobie check money got intertwined with the baby killing apparatus.

    one thing for certain: boobie checks give PP a 'nice' facade to hide behind when their primary focus is baby death.
    shame on Komen for mixing saving lives with ending them. they deserves all the bad press they get.

  2. Yeah– their cash wasn't a big chunk to PP, and PP only did the manual-breast-exam sort of exam, but what with the ESCR thing and all it was more than enough to make sure I wouldn't waste money on 'em.

    If you hadn't heard of this prior misbehavior, I'm guessing you didn't hear about anti-Israel politics being bigger than breast cancer, either?

    It got enough air-time to get the “ooh, sorry, there was a… misunderstanding” treatment, but still.

  3. no, didnt hear about that either.
    but that aint no big issue to me. too much bad blood in the region as it is, it dont take much to set somebody off over there.

    i do know that when arab girls want abortions, they go to israel. arab countries do not allow them.

    good and bad on both sides.

  4. Not really Israel related at all, except that they were willing to ban scientists- who actually had something — for politics.

  5. Hearing some conflicted reports so far– PP is being investigated for a lot of very real crimes, including falsely billing the Feds for abortion and related charges. Still wait and see….

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