one who thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to ban hiring an organization to give flu shots because they refuse to vivisect small humans on demand.


At least, that’s based off of the last few weeks… Also, Libertarian: one who can’t be bothered to find out what the HHS ruling on birth control and abortificants actually says.


I KNOW there are some who are better informed than that, but there are way too many taking the viewpoint of “if you don’t like slavery, don’t own a slave.”


Yes, my circles include a large number of liberal-tarians.  How did you know?


4 thoughts on “Libertarian:”

  1. libertarian. i used that word to partly define my approach to many things.
    but i never apparaoch a discussion with 'i'm a libertarian'. even libertarians are very busy fighting among themselves over just who is or isnt.

  2. I'm very sympathetic to the basic world-view notion, but it really fails the reality test… Kinda like “if you ignore the bully, he'll leave you alone.” The IDEA is good….

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