I can’t say I’ve ever really been pulled to the whole Chippendales-guys type temptation, or even the temptation to actually wish harm on an enemy, but DANG breaking up leftover KFC thighs (extra crispy) for my daughter is a mother of a big temptation.


4 thoughts on “Temptation.”

  1. Never, ever, liked extra crispy KFC. Ever. Always enjoyed the original “boobs” as my daughter, who worked as a 40-hour-per-week KFC team trainer prior to joining the Army at 17, called them. And when Tender Roast came out, I was gaga for Tender Roast. Too bad Tender Roast got (fertilizer)-canned and Grilled came out. But Grilled is as good as or better than Original.

    And I still hate extra-over-fried.

    1. Oh, and yes you can work 40 hours a week in a restaurant during school as a minor if you’re a 16-year-old high school graduate. (Sounding Laura’s horn loudly here. :P) Not sure of the other rules.

    2. I follow Sam Vime’s theory of “crunch bits” being its own food group. Why on earth would a beef rancher eat chicken for itself? *grin*

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