Define Your Terms

Someplace—I think it was a social networking site, I get a lot of those with the emails (if you join through that, I get a referral!  Make sure you have a spam address.  It’s not much, but a couple of bucks a quarter for a few seconds clicking junk email links in the morning is easy to me.) I saw this “the TRUTH about crazy cat ladies” note.  You know, the kind of color stuff they put out to start conversations.


  It started out with “the average cat lady has only two cats.”  Um… then you’re not talking about “cat ladies,” you’re talking about “ladies with cats.”  Two cats is what you get if you don’t want to be your pet’s only source of entertainment.  Three is what you get if you’ve got that situation and a cat that you expect to die soon.  There are probably situations where five or six are perfectly reasonable, other than breeders.  (The reason they are “crazy” is because the number of cats they have isn’t rational.)  By expanding “cat lady” to include the majority of people with cats—I seem to remember a mention that guys own some percent of cats (which doesn’t even work in their new definition, since multi-cat households belonging to men would be needed)—they made their information worthless.  Oh, and there’s another aspect I didn’t think of—want to bet they didn’t control for how many humans were in the house?


So: the truth about crazy cat ladies is that they’re totally normal, so long as you don’t define them as single women with a large number of cats that can’t be explained rationally.


I’d think that the way “crazy cat ladies” tend to be the ones with obvious mental issues—demonstrated by how NASTY their homes are—would also be part of the definition… maybe “more cats than they can reasonably care for, for reasons unrelated to illness or injury”?


6 thoughts on “Define Your Terms”

  1. I tend to see the “cat” in “crazy cat lady” as a mere adjective – that you have someone who is otherwise a crazy lady, and her craziness is expressed via feline excess. That has certainly been true with the CCLs in my life – they’re crazy regardless of how many cats they actually own.

    1. Agreed. My family tends to pack-rat habits, but the only one I think is SERIOUSLY crazy goes in the utter opposite direction as a coping mechanism.

  2. i had one cat for 15 yrs. after a couple life-extending surgeries i adopted two litter mates i saw in the vet’s lobby when i went to pick up meds for the oldster.
    at the time, i was living alone in a two bedroom townhome, attached two car garage on the sub level. plenty of room for three cats and litter boxes (in the garage).
    since they spent much of their time down there anyway, it took a lot of stress off the house.

    i got a rep as the crazy cat lady guy. made no sense.

    i now have three cats again… in a 5 br house, 3200 sf, and attached three car garage… plenty of room. i’m not crazy. i just enjoy cats.

    1. I’ll let the “I’m not crazy” aspect pass, and agree that seems perfectly reasonable.

      Bet you don’t have a mouse problem, either– even our adopted-when-he-fit-in-my-hand dummy cat caught and killed a mouse. Drooled it to death, but he still did it.

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