Happy Find Out Who Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor Day!

The way it works is that you see who can’t tell the difference between a prank and vandalism up to the hundreds of dollars…..



Emptying the salt shaker and putting in sugar: prank.

Putting chemicals that can cause blindness and chemical burns in someone’s shampoo on the theory that it Nair removes hair: criminally negligent jackass.


3 thoughts on “Happy Find Out Who Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor Day!”

  1. does dropping a crank shaft from a 454 ford into the deep end of somebody’s swimming pool count as a prank or vandalism?

    1. Depends on the folks involved, assuming you don’t cause damage….

      Example: the standard joke of putting salt in the sugar bowl for coffee and tea isn’t classified as a prank if used on me, it’s “suicide.”

      Thou Shalt Not Screw With My First Cuppa.

      Ditto for my cooking supplies, since that wastes a LOT of money. (No, I don’t have much of a sense of humor when I’m expected to foot the bill for someone else’s amusement.)

      Something silly, like…oh… fake dog poo on the door step? Different.

    2. Can you kind of tell I’ve had a LOT of vandalism-as-humor pulled on me? In some cases, destroying things that can’t be replaced.

      I haven’t maimed anyone, yet.

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