Why Can’t I Be This Concise?

You may not want to compete with theoretical future wife’s past lovers, but why should she want to have to compete with your past lovers, your online porn habit or your wanking?

Yes, yes, and heck yes.


One thought on “Why Can’t I Be This Concise?”

  1. Waaaaay down in the comments– but only just over halfway down the page– there’s this very true comment:
    Enbrethiliel said…

    It has just occured to me that it will be much easier for an “HPC woman” to renounce her former lifestyle completely and to build a committed marriage than it will be for Darwin to convince anyone whom this post directly addresses that it is possible for men to find an (Ahem!) “LPC woman” to marry if the men embrace an entirely new lifestyle as well.

    4/02/2012 5:13 PM

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