Hurt Babies

I don’t think it matters much how old they are.

Last year, I was too BUSY to think about how poor Mary must’ve felt—also too pregnant.  ^.^  This year?  I keep thinking about her… I know Jesus can take it, He’s God for crying out loud.  (No, doesn’t lessen the gift in the least—makes it a little bit huge-er, actually, but I’m digressing.)

Mary, on the other hand?  Just a mom.  Human.  Special, but still—a human mom.  When the Princess falls down the stairs and I yell, “oh, God”—she knows exactly the emotion behind that.  When Duchess coughs so hard that I’m holding my breath?  She knows that emotion.  When one of them bleeds?  She knows that emotion…and far beyond it, since she watched her baby get tortured to death, knowing there was nothing she could do to stop her baby’s pain.

Meditating on religious stuff really does get easier when you’re older, and (hopefully) more mature.  Much more fruitful, too.


2 thoughts on “Hurt Babies”

  1. He is a nice Jewish boy, after all…. (Yes, I just recycled the old joke about why one bugs Mary to intercede with Jesus.)

    A good Easter to you, as well!

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