If a small detail had been different today, I would probably been dead.

Yeah, melodrama there, but it’s true.

I am totally fine.  Not so much as a scratch or a lump to be found— even my phone, which was dropped, is fine.

God bless my husband, when I got the phone put back together and called him, he was calm and got me home on his voice alone.

That said…..
I feel an urge to write down all my passwords and site names…I have life insurance, I have a book with the “cute baby times” written in it, there are a couple of letters for the Princess and Duchess if I should die before they know me, but… I really could have died today, just because some … blanker… was a total moron.  I was just walking along listening to music, and suddenly I was hit by… the unexpected.  Yes, I’m dumb enough to find folks being idiots unexpected.  At least when it comes to KILLING ME.  I should know better. I ripped a Marine a new one when he tried to fake an altitude calibration after I’d spent two months on the gear to make it work, and he passed it in a night and I went and tested it again….a few THOUSAND feet off… oh, by the way, first thing I did on the ship was box up the stuff for parents that lost their sons to a crash from some asshole (no blanks for those) pencil whipping a test on an altitude calibration so that a dozen or so men died when a helo “thought” it was way above the desert.

The point where I chose to leave the Navy was when I chewed that guy out for faking the test and my Navy superior supported him because it made the paperwork look better.

The Marine supervisor was on my side.  Ugh.

If the person that assaulted me tonight had been slightly less cheap—not beyond belief—I might be in the hospital now.  I might be dead, now.

I’m use to trusting my life to good folks.  I’m aware I trust my life to people when I drive.   But when I walk ten feet off the road, totally innocent?  Dear God, I got hit by an idiot of the class that killed those poor folks under the overpasses of Germany, and I happened to be lucky enough to not be harmed.

Dear God.


8 thoughts on “Contemplation”

  1. Our only contact has been through a few emails and by exchanging comments, but you are more real to me than some personal friends who have moved on in life.

    I am so grateful that you are Ok.

  2. I’m OK enough that my response is being spitting mad!

    Thank you, folks. Seems I’m more real to y’all than to the folks….

  3. I’m glad you’re ok.

    There is a Jewish blessing said when one survives a dangerous event which praises God for redeeming us from all of the punishments for which we are liable. May God protect you in dark places.

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