Ever Notice-

that when College Libertarians* start talking about people being “statist,” they usually mean “these guys want to forbid something I want to permit”?

* These are the folks who  usually make up the ranks of the Ronulans**, and who I sometimes call “Anarchists who figured out they like getting paid for their work, or that mobs can kill them and take their stuff.”

** Yeah, those guys  who make it so that people hesitate to say they like this or that about Ron Paul.


PS- no, I’m not posting this anywhere else.  It’s just a musing.


One thought on “Ever Notice-”

  1. You’re fired! :P

    But, yeah, I love how the ronulans throw out the word “neocon” as if it’s an epithet, not at all knowing what “neocon” actually means. Ron Paulnut and his clatch of Paulnuts make “Libertarian” a four-letter word. No sane person would ever want to be tied to that group of vindictive nut cases.

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