Joining in the day, and passing on this story.
Patterico popped up on Glen Beck, too. Think the cat is out of the bag.

Aliens in This World

Back in 2011, somebody called the cops claiming to be Patterico, and “confessing” to just having shot his wife and kids. This is the kind of “prank” that could easily have led to Patterico or one of his family getting shot by accident by nervous SWAT team members, and is scary even if nothing worse than a knock on the door by the friendly neighborhood SWAT team happens. Evidence connects the prank caller to Kimberlin and his associates.

It is my opinion that Brett Kimberlin and his little friends are a clear and present danger to public order and decency, not to mention free speech and freedom of the press. He is obviously starting to become more “disorganized” in his harassment of others. This is a pattern which often leads to explosions of violence from such a person.

Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber, is a convicted domestic terrorist…

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