Army of Davids, aye.

Truth Before Dishonor

Brett Kimberlin who was convicted of more than 33 crimes, including setting off bombs that maimed people and led to a man’s death, perjury, forging Federal Government documents in order to acquire the bomb-making materials to create the bombs he set off and maimed people leading to death, drug-running, and more, has once again perjured himself in court. This time in Maryland, before a Maryland judge who lives not in Maryland but in the Caribbean (where the US Constitution is not the Law of the Land). And that Maryland Judge did everything he could to absolutely shred the First Amendment to the US Constitution in his endeavors to help a felon who was sentenced to 50 years behind bars in 1981 destroy Aaron Worthing, who only told the truth about Brett Kimberlin.

Patrick Frey, whose day job is as a Deputy District Attorney but blogs as himself (that would be…

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