Aliens in This World

If you’ve never read his work, many Overdrive-supplemented libraries have always-available ebook and audiobook copies of Dandelion Wine and Fahrenheit 451 for your perusal, and of course most libraries have many of his books in their print collection. If you’ve never read The Martian Chronicles or The Illustrated Man or any of the rest, try a few of his short stories, just to get a feel for him. If you like horror, try Something Wicked This Way Comes. There’s a ton to choose from. He even wrote some nonfiction that’s delightful.

Ray Bradbury was one of the early science fiction fans, a high school buddy of Forry Ackerman (who managed to get to the first 1939 World Science Fiction Convention), and a pillar of California fandom. He worked in the movie industry, doing screenplays for legendary films like the John M. Ford version of Moby Dick. He was…

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  1. We’re taking a family vacation next week. On the drive to the place, we’re going to listen to The Martian Chronicles. Bradbury lives on.

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