Why So Quiet?

Usually, I do my reading in the morning.  I’ve done it that way since I was about 16 and first got on the ‘net—I have no problem waking up “early,” usually.

When I had just Princess, my eldest kit, not a problem; she’d wake up at oh-Lord-thirty, I would nurse her back to sleep, and I’d do my reading.  (back before google reader suicided, but I digress)  Now I’ve got Duchess, my youngest kit, who also wakes up at oh-Lord-thirty to be nursed to sleep… just as Princess is waking up and going “hey!  People are up!  WANT, Mama!”

Haven’t managed to get nap time to sync up quite yet, so I’ve either got one or the other; even responding to web sites is cut into; Ricochet is AWESOME to respond to…but rather frustrating if you keep being interrupted!

To add to the distraction, besides Reality getting in the way, I’ve been trying (and failing) to solve the Secret World puzzles. (Templar walk-through #1 here.)

So the only posts have been when I run face-first into a topic.



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