PJ Media » A Modest Suggestion for the American Election

Note to the reader: When I first began writing this piece, I had intended to develop a somewhat facetious argument, a kind of satire on the hijinks of the Democratic Party. But as I progressed, I soon realized that my proposal to mobilize a team of election observers could justifiably be taken seriously. The American political scene oscillates between vaudeville and tragedy. The vaudeville inheres in the outrageous antics of the political left, as if we were witnessing something out of the Theater of the Absurd or the Commedia dell’Arte; the tragedy resides in the spectacle of a great democracy coming to resemble in its electoral affairs the modus operandi of a decadent, venal, and unprincipled third-world polity. As a result, I remain uncertain of my intentions. Am I joking, or am I in deadly earnest? Am I writing tongue in cheek or watching a tragedy unfold? Is inviting a group of international monitors to sentinel the election a mere caprice or is it actually validated by the circumstances?

via PJ Media » A Modest Suggestion for the American Election.


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