Single-payer healthcare is great! (except for this one dead guy…) — Laura Curtis

This is just the latest example of why government-managed healthcare is bad – the guy was in the hospital for a hip-replacement surgery and he died from dehydration.  You might expect the staff to be shocked and ashamed something like that could happen in their hospital.

via Single-payer healthcare is great! (except for this one dead guy…) — Laura Curtis.


You may know that I lost my grandfather to malpractice; the anesthesiologist at his knee surgery left a vial of something-or-other that is to be used within a day of opening on an unrefridgerated cart for three days, then injected him.  Took a couple of weeks for him to die.  Wasn’t the first “accident” but WAS the first death.

Family sued, won, and the guy was fired and had his medical certs turned off for a few years.

Think that’ll happen in this case?


2 thoughts on “Single-payer healthcare is great! (except for this one dead guy…) — Laura Curtis”

  1. That’s terrible. I’m so sorry. At least you were able to shut the guy down for a few years – it’s incredible that’s ALL that happened to him, though. In these UK cases, I have not heard of any serious consequences – at least, nothing substantial has changed in the last 5 years I’ve been paying attention to their system. Young women are still going undiagnosed for cervical cancer, since their “NICE” board (like our upcoming IPAB) said they don’t need pap smears until they are older, for example. And then there’s the “Liverpool pathway” which is their euthanasia process. We have a lot to look forward to. I’m not exactly a big Romney fan but I’m praying he wins.

  2. At one point, I was horrified that such a thing was all that would happen to the blanker.

    Now a days, I’m horrified that what happened to him is considered extreme.

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