Behind the Red Doors « Truth Before Dishonor

A thief pauses for a moment, before entering the inviting red doors1 of the local Episcopal Church. The air is cool, the nave dark and quiet, the setting solemn and contemplative. Looking around, he sees the parish priest, who is carefully dusting the altar rail, walks up to him very respectfully and says, “Father, I have my heart set on this really big score, an amazing heist, one which will allow my family and me to live comfortably for the rest of our lives on the proceeds. Father, may I have your blessing for this endeavor?”

Now, just what do you believe the priest would respond? Would he tell the thief, “Certainly, my son. Please, be seated, for I need to don my alb and chasuble and stole, and then we will begin the blessing.”

Or, does the priest say, “My son, that is impossible. The LORD has commanded us, ‘Thou shalt not steal.’”2

via Behind the Red Doors « Truth Before Dishonor.


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