That’s One Racist Woman

“You cannot possibly talk about jobs for black people at the level he’s coming from. He’s talking about entrepreneurship, savings accounts — black people can barely find a way to get back and forth from work.”

via NAACP Leaders: Romney Can’t Connect With Black Audiences.

Really?  Seriously?

What kind of rock does this woman live under?

Or is this the same way that Mr. Cain isn’t black, because he’s successful and a Republican?

Maybe she should go read the Huff’n’Puff?  (link from the website that comes up first when I search for “black entrepreneurs;” just amused me that the lady blogs at a site that, presumably, the chair of Women in NAACP won’t object to)

Sure, most blacks don’t start their own business.  Neither do most whites, yellows, reds, pinks, purples, oranges, maroons….


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