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. Many of the bishops had been terribly injured in the persecutions before his reign, but had survived people trying to martyr them — a status the Church called being a “confessor”, because they had continued to confess and affirm Christ despite pressure. So when each one of these confessors arrived for the council, the Emperor treated them with extra respect, and kissed their mangled body parts and scars.

via The Face of a Confessor | Aliens in This World.

Go read the rest, and her link– but I’m impressed that we have a word for “someone that they tried to martyr and didn’t.”


2 thoughts on “The Face of a Confessor | Aliens in This World”

  1. Well, nowadays it also has a bit wider application, as Father Hardon’s dictionary says:

    “A Christian in the early Church who had suffered much for the sake of Christ but did not die as a result of torture or ill-treatment. Such a person “confessed” his or her faith under trial and persecution.

    “In present-day vocabulary all the men saints who are not martyrs are called confessors.”

    But the 2nd meaning doesn’t usually kick in, unless you’re looking at a list of saints that tells you what kind of Mass you can say for them. Men saints that aren’t martyrs or popes or bishops or abbots or kings or any of the other categories — they would say the Mass for a Confessor for them. Weirdly enough, there’s a Mass for a Holy Woman, but no Mass for a Holy Man.

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