This, I Didn’t Know

How do they pick once they have all these people with perfect grades?  Well, mostly by people they “like” so a certain amount of political correctness is involved (and hopefully I haven’t shot the boy’s chances, and G-d do I self censor.  You have NO idea.)

Why do they pick, you ask?  If the school record AND test are perfect, why not admit them all?

Because our medical student numbers are capped by Federal decision (I’m putting decision because I don’t know what drives it: law or exec order.)  They were cut in half under Clinton, and then again recently.

THEN, supposing you get into medschool, you have 50% chance of becoming an intern, without which you can’t practice medicine.  You have a medical degree, but you aren’t really an MD.  Not licensed.  This too is centrally planned.

But – the family behind us, who looked fairly smart – said “Why not have ALL the doctors?  Wouldn’t that make their services more abundant and therefore cheaper?”  And we said “you got us.”  We didn’t say “they want to keep the rewards high, so more people will study medicine” which I THINK is the idea, which makes it a bizarre piece of absurd central planning.

And it occurred to me that the point of this was FAR bigger than healthcare.

via What You Don’t Know | According To Hoyt.


I knew that a hospital in Spokane had applied for permission from the feds (I think?) to add a dozen beds, because they knew they’d want to add at least three and preffered to add a dozen in the next decade.  A decade later, they are allowed to add…four maternity beds, I think?  It was on the radio.


I didn’t know they were doing hospitals, too.


3 thoughts on “This, I Didn’t Know”

  1. govt run healthcare has been around for years, we just didnt realize it. that is i’m not as animated over obamacare as most conservative minded detractors.

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