A History Lesson

A quick quote from SuburbanBanshee, the easiest bit to pull out of context and still leave you hungry for the rest.  (GO!  READ IT!!!)


So if you are willing to sacrifice all technological development for the sake of gun control, lock everyone into a country-wide prison to prevent trade in guns, destroy society’s bonds of amity and create grudges and constant suspicion so nobody can revolt against it or change things, force organized crime to become powerful enough to survive, maintain large numbers of secret informers, and kill off anybody who disagrees in the slightest, you can certainly make it so that (mostly) only your fanatically loyal servants have guns. (And your fanatically disloyal enemies.) If you’re ruthless enough, you can keep the ball rolling for even four hundred years.

via I Do Not Think This Means What You Think It Means | Aliens in This World.

I loved my time in Japan, I am incredibly fond of the place and people… but dear God am I glad that I was born in a culture shaped by Christianity, rather than one that is only slowly getting it soaked in from a very few brave souls.

Nothing like getting a finger-hold (as opposed to even a slight grip) on a really pagan culture to help you realize how very, very much your own is shaped by Christ.


2 thoughts on “A History Lesson”

  1. Thank you!

    Of course, there’s a strong contrast with the olden-days English version of gun control, which allowed everyone to buy guns but just guaranteed you’d hang if you killed somebody with one, outside of self defense. Simple, easy to understand, and it worked. But after the death penalty was abolished, it slowly stopped working.

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