LILEKS (James) :: the BLEAT :: Baltics 2012

I encountered the term “Slow News” in another context – HuffPo, I think, advertising a print version? Unclear on the details, since the term instantly barked up some back-of-the-throat bile. It’s like “Slow Food” or other “slow” things that are part of the “Slow” movement. Our lives are so fast-paced, pure pell-mell hell, that we need to reconnect with things that are not fast, and thereby baste our brains with the virtues of simplicity and honesty and careful, cautious attention. To which I say GET OUT OF THE PASSING LANE.

No, seriously: these things give me hives because I see a lot of middle-aged people sitting around in a living room, with all the right magazines on the table, the proper voices burbling on the radio in the kitchen, Volvos out on the street with COEXIST bumperstickers, and a bowl of organic carob-dusted peas on the table, or something. You know the stereotype: earnest types who still believe everything they believed in college. Who get a little thrill when they think of Woody Guthrie’s guitar: this machine kills fascists.

via LILEKS (James) :: the BLEAT :: Baltics 2012.


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